Bowtech Practitioner
Training Course in India


Come and study Bowen in the beautiful and tranquil setting of Haridwar ‘the gate of Heaven ‘

This practitioner training retreat will give you the perfect foundation in Bowen Therapy. There will be the usual training course plus you will have the opportunity to run a student clinic and observe clinical practice. This will give you observed clinical critique and real help build your confidence and understand of how to apply the therapy

As well as your studies in Bowen as part of your stay you are invited to take part in daily yoga and or meditation, karma yoga and the fire ceremonies and chanting 

The beautiful and historical site on the banks of the beloved Ganga (Ganges river) and overlooking the foothills of the Himalayas. Santosh Puri Ashram is on a site where yoga has been practice for 5000yrs. 

All Meals (Ayurveda cuisine) and accommodation is included in the price.

April 6-18 2019

August 15-30 2019

Total cost excluding travel and acc in London if required 

Fly to New Deli or Dahradun trains, bus or taxi are easy from there.