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To book a course, please review the ‘Course Outline’ section below, which includes the descriptions of each module that’s part of the Bowen Therapy training and contains information about requirements needed for becoming a fully certified Bowen practitioner. Then go through the ‘Course dates’ schedule to ensure your availability for attending the course. Make sure to review the ‘Course fees & Payment information’ section for various payment options. Finally, please proceed to the section ‘Book a course’ at the bottom of the page and book your space to attend by clicking on the ‘Book now’ button of your desired course.


The Course Outline

The seven module course in The Bowen Technique is primarily a hands-on course. It consists of about 130 hours of mainly practical (Each workshop is about 16hrs, spread over 2 days), but also theoretical training to ensure accuracy and understanding of what you’re doing. The seven modules need to be taken in consecutive order and a total of ten case studies are to be completed by the student during Modules 1-7.

To be able to practice professionally, upon successful completion of the Bowen Therapy Practitioner Training and obtaining a Bowtech Certificate of Proficiency, candidates need to be registered members of the Bowen Association (UK). In addition, it is a requirement for candidates to attain:

  • An Anatomy & Physiology Certificate to a minimum of NVQ Level 3

  • A First Aid Certificate

  • An Insurance Certificate

Note: You may start the Bowen Therapy course without an Anatomy & Physiology Certificate, however you will not be issued with your Certificate of Proficiency until you have your A&P Certificate.

The seven modules need to be taken in consecutive order.

Module 1: (2 days) Bowtech procedures for lower back, upper back, neck, kidney, head.

Module 2: (2 days) Bowtech procedures for hamstrings, respiratory, shoulders, cramp.

Module 3: (2 days) Bowtech procedures for pelvis, elbow & wrist, sacrum, knee.
Review of previous modules.

Module 4: (2 days) Bowtech procedures for upper respiratory tract and tempero-mandibular joint, ankle & foot procedures including strapping techniques, babies & children, forearm and Bowen seated. Review of previous modules.

Module 5: (2 days) Bowtech procedures for gall bladder, chest, coccyx, additional shoulder procedures. Revision of previous modules.

Module 6: (2 days) Your hands on work will cover 5a or 7a Medially Procedure, Bursitis Procedure, Perineal Procedure, Bedwetting Procedure, Thoracic Procedure and Button Pain Procedure.

Module 6a: Revision of Modules 1-6. This course is open to practitioners wanting to refresh their technique as it covers all modules.

Module 7: (2 days) Review and assessment of all Bowtech procedures to assess competency. and if all paperwork is completed, successful candidates will receive a Certificate of proficiency from BTAA The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

Further details:
Modules 1-7 take place over 6 training module weekends. The first 2 weekends are close together, usually a fortnight apart. Modules 2-6a are usually about 6 weeks apart. Module 6a is a revision weekend and all students need to do at least one. Then, Module 7 is the practical assessment module of all the training done to that point. This is usually 2 weeks after 6a and is run by another licensed tutor, who will assess the students’ competency and qualify them. Throughout the course, home study (a minimum of 100 hours must be completed and logged, including 10 case studies of 3 sessions undertaken and written up). During the course, students should also expect written tests, which will ensure good understanding and uptake of the theory and protocol taught. There is a tutor lead support and dialogue available throughout. The study manuals are also available in many languages.

Please note: As part of the training students will be encouraged to practice the Bowen Technique movements on their fellow classmates. This means that you will have physical contact with other students in your class. Please be respectful to each other and make sure that you’re not violating each other’s boundaries. 

Course Fees & Payment Information

We offer 2 payment options:

Pay upfront for the Full Course and you’ll receive a discount of £60. Total cost ending up at £1800.

Pay in instalments (at least 2 weeks prior to the start of each module):
Module 1 & 2: £530, including registration fees.
Modules 3 – 6a: £220 per Module.
Module 7: £240
Full Course Total: £1860

You can choose to pay a deposit instead of paying the selected course fees in full in advance, in order to book your spot on the course. However, please note that the deposit is only applicable to the ‘Full Course’ (if you pay upfront) or to Modules 1&2 (if you pay in instalments). In other words - you cannot pay a deposit for every subsequent module.

The deposit is refundable only if the course is cancelled. The outstanding amount due for the course needs to be paid min. 2 weeks prior to the course start date.

Please note that the course fees do not cover any flights, accommodation and additional expenses. Any flights, accommodation and other expenses booked prior to the course being fully confirmed are not the responsibility of Bowen Therapy UK.

The training venues have good transport links and usually available parking spaces. Accommodation is also locally available and we can give details and recommendations of some options, but costs will not be covered by Bowen Therapy UK.

Course Dates

Spring 2019

Module 3 March 9,10
Module 4 April 27,28
Module 5 June 8,9
Module 6 July 20,21
Module 6a Sept 7,8

Summer 2019

Module 1 July 6, 7
Module 2 July 13, 14
Module 3 August 31, 1
Module 4 Oct 5, 6
Module 5 Nov 9, 10
Module 6 Dec 14, 15
Module 6a Jan 25, 26
Module 7 TBC (Feb 8,9)

Autumn 2019

Module 1 Sept 21,22
Module 2 Sept 28,29
Module 3 Nov 2, 3
Module 4 Dec 7, 8
Module 5 Jan 18, 19
Module 6 Feb 29, 1
Module 6a Apr 11, 12
Module 7 TBC (Apr 25, 26)

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